Marley’s Gourmet Sliders. Otherwise known as Heaven in yo’ Mouth. Okay, okay — that’s pretty much just an insider name. But, judging from our guests’ reactions after just one bite of our mini munchies, we know we’ve made a blissful and glorious treat that everyone digs. Little over the top? Probably, but we’re pretty stoked about our menu and can’t wait for you and your family to try us out. We believe we make the best dang gourmet sliders in Utah Valley.

Established more than a decade ago, Marley’s Set out to make the best burgers around. People from all over the region started to come by for the unique experience of the restaurant digging the friendly, casual vibe while gettin’ down on what are arguably the region’s best American fare.

When designing our vintage atmosphere, our goal was to invoke memories of a bygone era. A time when the pace was slow, neighbors were friends, and customers were valued guests. A time when rock and roll really rocked and sitting down to a meal with friends meant memories were about to be made.

We wanted to create an atmosphere where you would always feel like a welcomed part of the family and where you’d want to linger and relax. When you visit Marleys you will find that we’ve hit the mark with our quirky, vintage vibe and award winning friendly staff. We’re looking to be your favorite, go-to spot for great food. Come on by and dig in. We’re happy to have ya.